Buy the Kilo


Purchasing food by weight is very common in India, where restaurants and caterers offer prepared food per kilo, at affordable rates. It's the perfect thing for entertaining or just for convenient meals at home.

Thus, Buy the Kilo was born.

We want to increase our offerings and make having Indian food at home a little easier.


Orders placed before Wednesday at 11:59 PM will be available for pickup Friday/Saturday of the same week between 12-2 pm

Shoot us a call or text when you arrive at 1370 E Georgia Street(Blue Door) and we will meet you outside with your order!


We only sell curries, biryani and prepared mains, no side dishes (ie rice, roti). If there are any accompaniments, we will state that!

The food will be served hot, in large containers. If you would like it to be cold,please leave us a note at checkout or send an email at the earliest.

Pricing per KG

Mains   Biryani/Rice specialty 
Plants Chicken Mutton Seafood   Veg/Vegan Chicken Mutton
$50/kg $65/kg $75/kg $85/kg   $70/kg $80/kg $90/kg

All vegetarian options can be made vegan. Please check the box labelled “Would you like this meal to be made vegan" at checkout. 

Image Product Price Quantity Buy
Bengali Fish Curry

sablefish cooked in mustard oil, tomato and bengali 5 spice

Mutton Rogan Josh

A kashmiri delicacy, goat meat slow-cooked in its own fat, mustard oil, whole spices and Kashmiri garam masala

Goat Nihari

goat shank slow-cooked in ghee, garam masala, nihari masala and fried onion

Pork Ribs Vindaloo

pork ribs slow-cooked in spicy vindaloo masala, vinegar and onion.

Malvani Chicken

bone-in chicken cooked with special malvani masala, caramelized onion and coconut paste

Awadhi Chicken Biryani

Lucknow layered biryani cooked dum style flavoured with saffron and rose water. Comes with beetroot raita.

Awadhi Mutton Biryani

Lucknow style layered bone-in goat biryani flavoured with saffron and rose water. Comes with beetroot raita.

Awadhi Vegetable Biryani

Soy chunk and seasonal vegetables slow-cooked in special biryani masala layered with basmati rice. Comes with beetroot raita.

Dal Bhukara (VG)

black lentil slow-cooked for 10 hours along with cream, butter, garam masala and finished with Kasturi methi

Paneer Kale saag (VG)

paneer cooked in kale puree along with cumin, garlic and green chilli tadak finishes with garam masala and cream



How many does 1-kilo feed?
Feeds 4-5 adults with ease.

How much meat/veggie comes with this?
1 kilo of either protein or veggie will go into each 1-kilo order.

What sort of meat is being used?
Free-range chicken and eggs locally raised meats all with the bone in.

Do you have halal options?
We can make halal options, please make sure to check the box for it at Checkout.

Do you have vegan options?
Yes, we do. Please specify in the notes for vegan so we can be extra careful about your order!

Do you take special requests?
Yes, we do! Please give us a call for more information.