Goan Vindaloo Masala: 2.6oz (75g)


Did you know?
Goan Vindaloo Masala is a popular spice mix. A staple at most ‘curry houses’ and every home in Goa. The most famous version is the Pork Vindaloo, marinated and simmered till the meat is tender. The Indian Pantry Goan Vindaloo Masala is well balanced and brings in a tangy spiciness, which goes well with meats, seafood, potatoes, mushrooms or tofu. Gravy it up or then cook it dry with your choice of veggies or protein and enjoy it with some warm yeasty bread!

Cumin, Black Pepper,
Turmeric, Chilli powder, Mustard Seed, Cinnamon

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Weight 75 g