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Discover Vancouver’s premier private dining experience with The Indian Pantry.

Choose from our traditional family-style or indulge in a personalized 4-7 course tasting menu.

Our expertly crafted menus ensure an unforgettable dining experience, whether for a special event or intimate gathering.

Let our experienced staff handle everything, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time with guests. Experience exceptional catering, stress-free.

Our Menu


Mumbai special charcoal vada

Spice potato fried in charcoal chickpea batter

Rajasthani mirchi bada

Crispy shishito peppers in yogurt turmeric based sauce

Onion uttapam

Fermented rice pancake served with sambar foam and coconut chutney

Dahi bara

Lentil flitter, topped with spice yogurt, potato & green pea stew and garnished with onion and cilantro


Kombadi vade

Chicken cooked in caramelized onion and coconut, traditional bread made from rice and lentil flour

Goat kheema pav

Minced goat cooked with whole garam masala, served with pav bun  and egg yolk

Malvani Eggplant

Coconut peanut curry, puri (whole wheat deep-fried bread)

Patrani machi


Steamed fish marinated in coconut and mint chutney wrapped in banana leaf

Kerala duck curry

Aged duck breast cooked in coconut milk and curry leaf along with house made masala

Echor kosha

Jackfruit slow cooked with bengali 5 spice and chopped masala


Goan fish curry

Sablefish cooked with coconut milk, curry leaf, mustard seeds and red chilli served with rice flatbrea

Crab ghee roast

Crabmeat cooked in ghee, curry leaf and house masala served with neer dosa

Malvani fish fry

Shallow fried lingcod in semolina flour and malvani masala served with fennel salad

Stuffed sea bass

Fried sea bass stuffed with house special fisherman’s masala made of caramelized coconut and cilantro and spices

Crab malvani

Dungeness crab cooked with caramelized onion and coconut along with malvani masala served with fermented rice and coconut pancake

Prawn rawa fry

Marinated prawns battered in semolina flour served with mint chutney

Pork vindaloo

Pork belly cooked in vindaloo masala, tomotoes and tamarind served with poe (goan bread)



Handmade traditional Tibetan dumplings filled with ground beef and scallion served with tomato and garlic chutney


Minced goat meat balls cooked in yogurt, dry ginger  and aromatic spices

Gucchi yakhni

Morel mushroom cooked in yogurt  and  kashmiri spices

Goat shank Rogan josh

Goat shank cooked in red Kashmiri chilli paste and yogurt served with taftan bread

Gucchi (Morel) mushroom pulao(V)

Rice cooked with morel mushrooms and aromatic spices, served with cumin yogurt

Dum aloo (V)

Baby potatoes cooked in fennel, mustard, red chilli powder and yogurt

Dal Bhukara (V)

Black lentils slow cooked for 8 hours along with house garam masala, butter and cream

Dahi baingan

Bulb eggplant cooked with onion, tomotoes and crushed spices, mixed with warm yogurt

Murg Makhani

Charcoal grilled chicken cooked in tomato, cream and butter base gravy


Goat galouti kebab

Minced goat pattie cooked in ghee, mint chutney

Veg tunde kebab

Red kidney beans cooked in ghee mint chutney

Murg hara bhara

Chicken marinated in yogurt and mint chutney cooked over a charcoal served with citrus cabbage slaw

Tandoori jhinga

Tiger prawns marinated in mustard oil, yogurt house made tandoori masala, cooked over a charcoal and finished with chat masala

Murg malai kebab

Chicken marinated in ginger garlic paste cooked over a charcoal and toasted on cream and cheese sauce

Raan biryani

Whole goat leg slow cooked in dum style along with aromatic spices and basmati rice garnished with saffron milk, crispy onions and mint

Nalli Nahiri

Goat shank and marrow slow cooked in ghee, whole spices and garam masala for 8 hours, served with taftan (milk & yeast bread)

Murg Musallam

Chicken cooked in caramelized onion, almond paste and house made musallam masala finished with rose water and kewra water served with paratha

Mutton bunao

Boneless goat cooked in ghee along with kashmiri chill, ginger, garlic, chilli and garam masala



Hung yogurt, saffron, compressed pineapple

Homemade kulfi rabdi

Indian ice cream, rose syrup, milk solid, nuts

Gajjar halwa

Grated carrots cooked in milk solids and milk topped with sliced almonds and served in a tart shell

Seasonal kulfi

Indian ice-cream made from condensed milk and milk solid


Lacha paratha

A flaky flat bread made from flour


Milk and yeast bread


A Goan bread made of wheat brain


Fermented rice and coconut pancake


Deep fried bread made of lentil and sorghum flour


Our listed prices do not include service staff and rentals.

The prices listed are for chefs and food only and do not include taxes.

For pricing with staffing and rentals, please contact our catering department for a quote and further information.

We work closely with rental companies and we would be happy to accommodate rentals for your event at additional cost.

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